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Reduced neural responses to the taste of alcohol following fetal alcohol exposure

July 24, 2017

Could fetal ethanol exposure (FAE) affect the way that the taste system responds to ethanol and other flavor components of alcohol? Might this play a role in the increased risk of alcohol abuse following FAE? In this podcast, Editor-in-Chief Bill Yates (University of Pittsburgh) talks with Steven Youngentob (University of Tennessee Health Science Center) and John Glendinning (Barnard College, Columbia University) about the history, recent progress, and future of their work exploring taste response to alcohol in rats.

Fetal alcohol exposure reduces responsiveness of taste nerves and trigeminal chemosensory neurons to ethanol and its flavor components
John I. Glendinning, Joyce Tang, Ana Paula Morales Allende, Bruce P. Bryant, Lisa Youngentob, Steven L. Youngentob
Journal of Neurophysiology, published online May 10, 2017. DOI: 10.1152/jn.00108.2017.