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The Neurocene-Exploring Developments in the Field of Neuroscience

June 18, 2021

In this podcast Editor in Chief Nino Ramirez and Associate Editor Prof. John Krakauer discuss JNP’s new manuscript type the Neurocene. The Neurocene is a narrative that explores accelerating developments in the field of neuroscience, placing them in their historical and present context. Authors should provide a personalized and thoughtful viewpoint of a topic that does not seek to either provide definitive proof or a final conclusion.

This long-form scientific essay may focus on cultural currents, books and biography, philosophy and the history of science, and on puzzles, paradoxes, and controversies within the field of neuroscience itself. The article is meant to be inclusive, and the only stipulation is that the essay be written with longevity in mind - they should be read with equal pleasure and interest decades after their publication date.


For more information on the Journal of Neurophysiology's manuscript types click here: https://journals.physiology.org/jn/article-types 


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