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Whole brain mapping of somatosensory responses in awake marmosets investigated with ultra-high field fMRI

January 26, 2021

In this podcast Editor in Chief Nino Ramirez interviews first author Justine Clery and senior author Stefan Everling about an insightful new Research Article by Clery et al.  Learn more about the advantages of the marmosets as a primate model system for studying primate neuroscience. The authors talk about using somatosensory stimulation combined with functional MRI in awake marmosets to reveal the topographic body representation in areas S1, S2, thalamus and putamen. They showed the existence of a body representation organization within the thalamus and the cingulate cortex by computing functional connectivity maps from seeds defined in S1/S2 using resting-state fMRI data. This non-invasive approach will be essential for chronic studies by guiding invasive recording and manipulation techniques.


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